Story and Photos Submitted by Steven Phillip.


14 year old kayaker Chloe Hodgson

Steven Phillip’s 14 year old Daughter, Chloe Hodgson, just completed a challenging journey from Scarborough to Whitby during the “Colin Bell Lifeboat Row” charity event that benefits the Scarborough RNLI and Alzheimer’s research on August 20th, 2016.  Conditions for this 21 mile journey included “force 3-4 winds with 5 across Robin Hoods Bay with some tough swell chucked in for badness.”




Chloe’s team includes her father, Steven Phillip, and seasoned kayaker Glen Turner.

Her and her 3 man team, including Steven and “seasoned sea kayaker”, Glen Turner, set off from Scarborough Saturday at 6 AM and paddled North with an ebbing tide and SSW wind at their backs while on their 21 mile trek towards Whitby.  Steven reports they “had a whole mixed bag of weather and conditions, some good and some not good at all.”  Steven also noted that Chloe “battled through sea sickness and through tough swells and winds, which even for an adult would be tough.”  She refused the opportunity to get out but “eventually did after her team managed to reach Whitby in just over 6 hours “exhausted but grinning from ear to ear.”



“For a girl that doesn’t Sea kayak and only general paddle smaller WW boats or opens Canoes I think she Man’d it like an adult.  As you can no doubt tell, I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo Proud of her Haha.” – Steven Phillip.



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