By John Perdzock

Jackson_Karma_RGI recently took the Jackson Karma RG out for its maiden voyage on Duck Creek in Howard, Wisconsin. It is a fun and very responsive boat to paddle. Its whitewater centric hull design makes this boat able to turn on a dime; however, great maneuverability does have its downside of poor tracking. Fortunately Jackson includes a skeg to aid in paddling those calmer waters that makes tracking much more manageable. The only suggestion that I would make to Jackson is relocating the skeg control farther away from the cockpit to prevent the spray skirt from wrapping around the ball attached to the skeg control rope.

This first paddle took place on a very calm creek which enabled me to get a good feel of its capabilities. I hope to provide a better detailed review when I take it on more aggressive whitewater conditions. So far the Karma RG has lived up to its expectations of being the flat-water/whitewater hybrid that I have been looking for.

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